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Nighthold - Trilliax
[Toxic Slice] now applies [Stuffed] debuff so they need to be shared among the raid as you can only take so many – being stuffed will slow the slow also
The Toxic Slices have to be taken properly otherwise when the boss will use [Cleansing Rage] which will wipe the raid
[Annihilation] is now more deadly so keep the centre clear and move quickly
[Arcane Bond] is now more deadly so linked players need to move together quickly
Use [Sterilize] to speed up the Scrubbers to clean pools but make sure you jump on them before the explode – better co-ordinate the Succulent Feasts

AA script
Tank at the edges and swap after 2 stacks of Arcane Slash
Move out of Arcane Seepage
Soak Toxic Slice – don’t get the Stuffed debuff
Move out with Sterilize debuff and speed up the Scrubbers

Use healer CD’s
Move together with Arcane Bonds
Move to the side of the boss when he leaps to the centre and avoid beam

Use Succulent Feasts and soak Cleansing Destruction
Players with immunity abilities can also soak

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