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Nighthold - Trilliax

Essentially a 3 phase fight which is heavily reliant on movement and environmental awareness.

Throughout the fight [Arcane Seepage] will appear under random players everytime the boss is damaged - move out of this quickly. This ground effect can only be cleared by [Scrubbers]

Phase One: The Cleaner – 45 seconds
Tank the boss at the edge of the room and kite it around keeping the centre clear – move when [Arcane Seepage] is an issue
Tank swap after 2 stacks of [Arcane Slash]
DPS and Healers should soak [Toxic Slice] – in heroic mode [Stuffed] debuff will minimise how many of the these 1 player can take. The slice will deal damage over time for 20 seconds

Every subsequent Cleaner phase will cause random players to be affected by [Sterilize] – this ability can be used to buff the Scrubbers to speed up the cleaning of the Arcane Seepage
Scrubbers are a beneficial add so they should left alone and only used to prevent [Cleansing Destruction]
Trilliax will cast [Cleansing Rage] if there are any [Toxic Slice] unsoaked – this will cause very high raid wide damage

Phase Two: The Maniac – 40 seconds
Healers will need to use CD’s to counter [Mana Rapture] which deals light raid wide damage
Players linked with [Arcane Bonds] move together till the debuff runs out
Trilliax will to the centre of the room and casts [Annihilation] – this is a channelled ability which results in a beam being cast from both front and back of the boss. He will spin around randomly
The raid needs to move to a safe side and move with the boss to avoid high damage – and movement speed CD’s should be used

Phase Three: The Caretaker – 13 seconds
[Cleansing Destruction] must be soaked – players will be set in advance and must eat the [Succulent Feasts] that only spawn in this phase
Players jump onto the Scrubbers and soak the [Cleansing Destruction]

AA script
Tank at the edges and swap after 2 stacks of Arcane Slash
Move out of Arcane Seepage
Soak Toxic Slice
Move out with Sterilize debuff and speed up the Scrubbers

Use healer CD’s
Move together with Arcane Bonds
Move to the side of the boss when he leaps to the centre and avoid beam

Named players eat Succulent Feasts and soak Cleansing Destruction
Players with immunity abilities can also soak

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