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  Nighthold - Gul'dan
Posted by: Solitayre - 01-19-2017, 05:49 PM - Forum: Current content raids - Replies (1)


This a complex 3 phase encounter

Phase One: The Council of Elders

The raid should be lightly spread during the phase

[Liquid Hellfire] is and orb which targets a players location and will deal heavy damage – this is lessened with distance from the impact

[Fel Efflux] is a channelled ability which deals moderate ticking damage if stood in field effect

[Hand of Gul’dan] summons a meteor which when it impacts will do heavy damage – it will also spawn an add that must be dealt with quickly
Fel Lord Kuraz'mal – summons [Fel Obelisk] under players which deals damage and stuns. He also casts [Shatter Essence] on tanks which deals very high fire damage
D'zorykx the Trapper – periodicly casts [Anguish Spirits] which deal shadow damage. He also casts [Soul Vortex] on the tanks which deals very high stacking damage
Inquisitor Vethriz – casts [Drain] on random players which should be dispelled. He also spawns [Gaze of Vethriz] which channel energy beams. He will also use [Shadowblink] and move locations

The beneficial abilities the raid gets to deal with this are:
Tanks should have the [Resonant Barrier] for Shatter and Soul Harvest
Healers should use the [Scattering Field] to reduce Fire damage taken by the raid
DPS Damage dealers should use [Time Dilation] during DPS CD’s to maximise damage on these mini-bosses

Healers should dispel Drain very quickly

Phase Two: The Ritual of Aman'thul

Continue to avoid [Liquid Hellfire] – these can now become Empowered and leave a patch of burning Fel Fire

[Bonds of Fel] chains a player and dels fire damage. This requires nearby players to collapse onto the shackled player to break the effect – [Scattering Field] is helpful here

[Eye of Gul'dan] spawns must be killed very fast to prevent them from reaching max energy and [Duplicating] and creating more and more them [Time Dilation] is useful here

[Hand of Gul’dan] will now summons a Dreadlord – these adds cast [Carrion Swarm] which can be interrupted but in doing so will give them a stacking 20% buff - this is on heroic difficulty

[Fel Scythe] is cast when a players is within 2 yards of the current tank – this effectly expends all his current fel engery as fire damage split between the 2 target which increase in potency by 5% per point expended
If he reaches 100% energy then he’l cast [Fel Scythe] on his primary target
Every case of [Fel Scythe] he will gain [Fury of the Fel] which increases his attack speed by 15% for 10 seconds

Phase Three: The Master's Power

The [Eye of Gul’dan] is now empowered which deals higher fire damage – same effect as P2 and must be killed before they Duplicate

[Storm of the Destroyer] deals very high which increases as it grows in size – the raid has to get out of this very quickly – it starts at 10yard and increases 20yrds, 30yrds & 60yrds

[Well of Souls] requires players to take turns soaking [Soul Corruption] so as to minimize raid wide damage from [Black Harvest]
[Souls Siphon] is a healing absorb debuff
Healer CD’s will be needed for this stage

Move away from players affected by [Flames of Sargeras] as this does heavy damage leaving [Desolate Ground] AoE patch

AA script
Move out of Liquid Hellfire & Fel Efflux
Mini-bosses summoned by Hand of Gul’dan
Fel Lord Kuraz'mal – move from Fel Obelisk & tanks use Barrier on Shatter Essence
D'zorykx the Trapper – stacking tank damage Soul Vortex – healers watch this
Inquisitor Vethriz – dispel Drain debuff

Move out of Liquid Hellfire – this can Empower leaving patch on the ground
Bonds of Fel – healer + DPS move to debuffed player to break – use Scatter Field ability
Eye of Gul'dan need to be killed quick to prevent them Duplicating – DPS can use Time Dilation
Fel Scythe will split all stored Fel Engery between two targets – tanks have to manage this
Every cast of Fel Scythe increases cast speed by 15% for 10 seconds

Kill Empowered Eye of Gul’dan very quickly to prevent Duplicate
Move far away from Storm of the Destroyer
Move away from players with Flame of Sargeras
Raid helps soak Soul Corruption
Healer CD on Black Harvest
Healers watch players with Soul Siphon
Fel Scythe will split all stored Fel Engery between two targets – tanks have to manage this
Every cast of Fel Scythe increases cast speed by 15% for 10 seconds

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  Nighthold - Grand Magistrix Elisande
Posted by: Solitayre - 01-16-2017, 12:59 AM - Forum: Current content raids - Replies (1)

Grand Magistrix Elisande

This is a 3 phase fight – this is a long fight which is not helped by her use of time to affect the flow of the fight which will both help and hinder the raid

The priory target throughout the encounter remained the Time Elementals – Recursive Elemental> than other elemental>Boss

Phase One: Time Layer One
[Leave the Nightwell] is cast at the start of each new phase – the boss will disappear before returning . There will be a large purple circle which will deal high arcane damage if stood in

First pair of Elementals will be a Recursive Element and a Expedient Elemental – the Recursive needs to be killed very quickly and the [Blast] ability needs to be interrupted
The Expedient should be taken to the boss – its [Exothermic Release] should be interrupted every time
[Fast Time] and [Slow Time] zones should be close to each other – once the Elemental is dead then DPS should take the [Fast Time] buff and aim to maintain it throughout the rest of this phase

Both Time Elementals should be dead before the first [Arcanetic Ring] will form a circle of orbs which will collapse inwards – the speed will change if they move through a Fast or Slow zone . Players hit by the orbs will damage – this can be avoided by moving out of the way of the orbs
[Spanning Singularity] should be soaked by players with a defensive immunity – this will cause high spike damage healers need to be aware of
Tank swap after 4 stacks of [Ablation]

Once the boss looses 10% HP then phase 2 begins

Phase Two: Time Layer Two
[Leave the Nightwell] will be cast as the boss transitions into P2 – it will also heal 100%. There will be a large purple circle which will deal high arcane damage if stood in

At the end of the first phase Elisande will disappear for a moment and heal back to 100% health. Following on from P1 the raid will deal with the Time Elementals in the same way and DPS should ensure they maintain the Fast Time buff
Tank swap should now occur after [Ablation Explosion] is applied. The debuffed tank should move away from the raid approx 20yrds to avoid the AoE damage the debuff does

[Delphuric Beams] will target random players and deal arcane damage to the target and all players in the line of fire. Effectively the marked players need to be in a clear area and all other players should ensure they are not between the boss and the marked player

[Epocheric Orb] fall from the air and if the land will do high raid wide damage – these orbs should be caught by players and the damage they do is reduced to 5 yards

[Arcanetic Ring] is handled the same as P1 but [Spanning Singularity] can less of an issue overall

Once the boss looses 10% HP then phase 3 begins

Phase Three: Time Layer Three

[Leave the Nightwell] will be cast as the boss transitions into P3 – it will also heal 100%. There will be a large purple circle which will deal high arcane damage if stood in

All the pervious mechanics remain and should be handled the same as before: Kill Time Elementals very fast, [Arcanetic Ring] is handled the same as P1, soak [Epocheric Orbs] but [Spanning Singularity] can effectively be ignored

[Conflexive Burst] will be applied to 3 players usually – each player will take either a Fast Time or Slow Time or nothing at all – this will ensure the the damage this abilitiy deals is spead more evenly across this phase. Raid CD’s will be needed here
[Permeliative Torment] deals very high damage over 10 seconds – Slow Time should be taken immediately
Tanks will need to interrupt [Ablative Pulse] where ever possible – if this is missed then tank swap

AA script

Tank swap at 4 stacks of Ablation
Kill Recursive Elemental > Expedient Elemental very fast
Interrupt Blast and Exothermic Release
Maintain Fast Time buff where ever possible
Avoid Aranetic Ring & Soak Spanning Singularity

Tank swap after Ablation Explosion – move out 20 yards
Kill Recursive Elemental > Expedient Elemental very fast
Interrupt Blast and Exothermic Release
Maintain Fast Time buff where ever possible
Avoid Aranetic Ring but only Soak Spanning Singularity if possible
Soak Epocheric Orbs
Don’t stack Delphuric Beams and don’t stand in the path of the beam

Tank interrupt Ablative Pulse – tank swap if missed
Kill Recursive Elemental > Expedient Elemental very fast
Interrupt Blast and Exothermic Release
Avoid Aranetic Ring but ignore Soak Spanning Singularity
Soak Epocheric Orbs
Use Slow Time with Permeliative Torment
Conflexive Burst players should take Slow/Fast/No buff to help mitigate damage

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  Nighthold - Star Augur Etraeus
Posted by: Solitayre - 01-15-2017, 08:21 PM - Forum: Current content raids - Replies (2)

Star Augur Etraeus

This is a 4 phase fight – while it is essential a single target fight is requires a high degree of co-ordination. The raid will have to deal with aspects of Frost, Fel & Void magic

Phase One: The Dome of Observation 100-90% HP

[Coronal Ejection] will spawn a pair of energy sphere which deal fire damage to 4 closest players then a further 8 seconds of damage
[Starburst] will target the current tank with moderate arcane damage – a personal may be needed depending on the tank type

Phase Two: Absolute Zero 90-60% HP

Ranged spread out across half the room in front of the boss to handle the [Shatter]
The back of the boss will be used for melee and tanks to handle [Absolute Zero] debuff

[Icy Ejection] spawns next to players and affects the 3 closest - it deals periodic damage then after 10 seconds [Shatters] – ranged needs to make sure they are spread 8 yards apart

The melee group, off tank and main tank will form a triangle around the boss – never be within 6 yards of the main tank due to the splash damage from [Iceburst] which targets the bosses main threat target
Tank swap when [Gravitational Pull] is cast – the tank with this debuff stands behind the melee groups – greater than 5 yards. When the debuff expires they will be hit by [Comet Impact] and reapply [Gravitational Pull] as well as being debuffed with [Absolute Zero]
The tank should run into a melee group to clear this debuff then back out to >5yrds - the next [Absolute Zero] debuff is then clear in the other melee group to avoid freezing the other melee due to [Chilled]
This will happen for 3 cycles – this pattern will then repeat with the second tank

[Frigid Nova] will do high raid wide damage that is shared – the ranged need to move to the melee to share this damage

Phase Three: A Shattered World 60-30% HP

At 60% health, Star Augur Etraeus enters A Shattered World.

Tank swap at 4 stacks of [Felburst]
[Gravitational Pull] will continue but this time causing [Fel Impact] – this can be used to clear patches of [Felflame] which are created by the raid – this is more so for the melee group

[Fel Ejection] will target random players and cause [Felflame] patch – where possible try to overlap these patches to minimise the space they take up
[Fel Nova] deals high damage – this is reduced by being further away from the impact point – the raid should move to the edge of the room

Phase Four: Inevitable Fate 30-0% HP
This is now a DPS as the boss will stack [Voidburst] on the main tank – this debuff will jump to 2 players when it expires and will quickly overrun the raid making it unhealable
Tank swap at 5-7 stacks of [Voidburst]

[Gravitational Pull] should be handled as before and will cause [Void Impact] – this should be dropped far away from the boss. The add that spawns will shield the boss and itself if too close
This add is the highest priority target – it casts [Witness the Void] which is an 8 second fear and can be avoided by turning away from the add
[Void Nova] deals raid wide damage and applies [Voidburst] stacks

AA script

DPS till P2

Ranged spread in front of the boss – 8 yards
Melee + off tank form 2 groups and stay 6 yards away from MT
Tank swap on Gravitational Pull – get behind melee groups
After Comet Impact move to melee group to clear debuff then move back
Repeat and clear debuff in the other melee group
Repeat a 3rd time
Raid stacks on Frigid Nova

Fel Ejection spawns Felflame patches – overlap them
Fel Impact on tank will clear Felflame
Move to the edges of the room when Fel Nova is cast

Tank swap on 5-7 stacks of Voidburst
Void Impact on tank should be taken far away
Add is 1st priory
Turn away from Witness the Void is cast
This is a DPS race

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  Nighthold - High Botanist Tel'arn
Posted by: Solitayre - 01-15-2017, 07:31 PM - Forum: Current content raids - Replies (1)

High Botanist Tel'arn

This is a 3 phase fight – it starts as an add fight then develops into council like encounter

Phase One: The High Botanist

Tank the boss in the centre of the room – ranged and healers should spread out around the boss to minimise the negative effects of the bosses various abilities

Tank swap after 7 stacks of [Recursive Strikes]

[ Controlled Chaos] and [Solar Collapse] require players to reposition themselves – this is more important for the tank/melee group – always aim to have the boss central in the room as much as possible
Ranged players can easily move with any kind of movement ability
[Controlled Chaos] will target a player and spawn an arcane zone under them expanding to 20yrds – it will explode dealing high damage if stood in it. This zone will then expand to 30yrds and explode again. Both explosions do moderate raid wide damage
[Solar Collapse] will create a 12 point circle that will slowly close inwards – if players are caught by the energy points will take high fire damage

[Parasitic Fetter] will root a player – everyone should move away from that player quickly to avoid the Parasitic Lashers which will create move rooted players who are too close. These adds need to be killed quickly

Phase Two: Nightosis

At 75% health, Tel'arn will split into two – they are tanked in the same position and need to be pushed to 50% health to transition quickly

[Plasma Spheres] will spawn 3 sphere that most be handled carefully – this requires focused DPS to kill the spheres within 5 seconds of the previous being killed. Ideally the raid should kill the 1st marked sphere then kill the 2nd marked sphere within 5 seconds and ignore the 3rd
Healer CD’s can handle the explosion damage

Phase Three: Pure Forms
At 50% health, Tel'arn will split into three - they should be tanked together to maximise damage on all images
During this phase the boss will spawn [Toxic Spores] all around the room – the raid should avoid walking into them at all cost to minimise the damage incoming to the raid
The boss will mark a random player with [Call of Night] – that player must stand within 5 yards of an unmarked player from the remainder of the fight
IF you move away from an unmarked player or within 5 yards of a marked player then you will pulse continuous arcane damage raid wide

Tank swap as normal
Deal with the Plasma Spheres as previous and priorities the Parasitic Lashers
Healing CD’s will need to be rotated due to the high damage

AA script

Tank in the centre & swap on 7 stacks Recursive Strikes
Stay spread – move from Controlled Chaos & Solar Collapse
Move from rooted players – kill Parasitic Lashers quickly

Tank in the centre
Focus DPS Sphere 1 then kill Sphere 2 within 5 seconds
Ignore Sphere 3

Tank in the centre & swap on 7 stacks of Recursive Strikes
Stay calm
Kill Parasitic Lashers quickly
Handle Spheres the same as P2
Marked players stand within 5yrds off a non-marked player – communicate on TS
Avoid Toxic Spores

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  Nighthold - Krosus
Posted by: Solitayre - 01-15-2017, 06:35 PM - Forum: Current content raids - Replies (1)


Essentially a single phase encounter – this is a DPS check to beat the enrage timers

The fight takes place on a narrow bridge and the raid will have to move from side to side to avoid one the main abilities [Fel Beam] which the boss will cast frequently up either side of the bridge – there is a cast timer and the boss animation will announce which side will be hit – just move to the opposite side as this is a wide beam of damage
[Orb of Destruction] will target a random player and they should move quickly to the back of the room to minimise damage dealt to the raid – 5 seconds after the cast the Orb will impact
[Burning Pitch] will coat the ground in small circles that spawn Burning Ember adds – these circle can be soaked and the raid should spread out for this ability. DPS these adds very quickly

Tanks need to swap after taking roughly 7-10 stacks of [Searing Brand]
Tanks should soak all the [Slam] attacks – its high physical damage so a personal may be required. Melee should avoid standing in these zones
Each slam will break part of the bridge – the raid should move behind the break line before the area falls away
As the bridge becomes increasing smaller the [Orb of Destruction] will become more damaging

The entire fight will end after 6 minutes as there is no more bridge to stand on

AA script

Tank swap after 7-10 stacks of Searing Brand
Tanks soak Slam – use a personal
Move behind the break line after slam

Move to the back with Orb of Destruction
Soak Burning Pitch and kill Burning Embers fast
Move from side to side to avoid Fel Beam

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  Nighhold - Tichondrius
Posted by: Solitayre - 01-15-2017, 06:08 PM - Forum: Current content raids - Replies (1)


Phase One: Lord of the Nathrezim

Tank the boss at the side – ensure 30yd ranged from where the Tainted Blood adds will be tanks. [Vampiric Aura] will heal the boss when the adds are damaged/killed
Players affected by [Carrion Plague] move away from the raid and loosely spread out – there should be no players between the boss and the affected players – [Seeker Swarm] moves in a line from the boss to the plagued players and hits everything in-between
Tank swap with [Feast of Blood] – the bloods that spawn must be taken 30yd away from the boss
[Brand of Argus] will debuff a player – it will explode if they group up and can be mitigated with personals and CD’s to get the raid back to full health
When [Echoes of the Void] is cast the raid should spread evenly behind the 4 Fel Spires – by spreading the raid will prevent the Spires breaking to quickly

Intermission: Shadow of Terror
After 130 seconds into each P1 there will be a short intermission – the boss will disappear and channel [Illusionary Night]
Periodically [Carrion Nightmare] will deal a beam of high shadow damage in a line from its spawn point – the raid needs to remain mobile and move to avoid this
Phantasmal Bloodfang bats will spawn and should be DPS’d quickly – they give [Essence of Night] buff and all players should get this to increase DPS and healing done

Phase Two
Same as P1 but with the addition of [Felsworn Spellguard] adds – these should be picked up by the tank with [Feast of Blood] and taken away from the boss.
These should be killed quickly as a high priority target

Phase Three
Same as P1 but with the addition of [Sightless Watcher] adds – again these are a high priory target as it applies a healer only debuff [Burning Soul]
Healers need to dispel this but move 30 yards away to avoid [Ring of Shadows] damage affecting nearby players

AA script

Tank swap with Feast of Blood
Tank adds >30yds from boss
Move out of raid with Carrion Plague
Stack when told with Brand of Argus
Split into 4 groups and hide behind Fel Spires when Echoes of the Void cast

Move as a group & avoid Carrion Nightmare beam
Kill Bloodfang Bats & each player should soak the Essence of Night

Kill Felspawn Spellguards very fast
Follow P1 instruction as above

Kill Sightless Watchers very fast
Healers move out of raid with Burning Soul debuff and dispel
Take care with Ring of Shadows damage after dispell

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  Nighthold - Spellblade Aluriel
Posted by: Solitayre - 01-15-2017, 05:08 PM - Forum: Current content raids - Replies (1)

Spellblade Aluriel

Single phase encounter where the boss will alternate between 3 elemental phases – Fire, Frost & Arcane

Tank the boss facing away from the raid – [Annihilate] has a 3 second cast time and should be shared by both tanks

Master of Frost
[Mark of Frost] will mark 2 players and will detonate if the marked players get close and transfer tio the next 2 nearest players. This will be cast a second time so a total of 4 players will have the Frost mark. These players should move out of the raid to designated marks. These marks cause [Frostbitten] which increases frost damage and stacks
[Detonate] will be cast roughly 30 seconds later and leave an Icy Enchantment which needs to be DPS’d quickly – [Frozen Tempest] is a channelled ability that will create a dome that if pushed out from will stun the player and encase them in ice which has to be broken
If the stacks of [Frostbitten] become to high (8-9 stacks) then players can move together to pass on the [Mark of Frost] – this should be handled in advance to minimise damage where possible

Master of Fire
Ranged need to spread in a line around the boss – ideally the melee should avoid being inline with ranged players
[Searing Brand] is applied to several players and will create a phantom line between the boss and the branded players which fiery phantoms will travel causing damage to anyone in the way of the line and the branded players
After 45 seconds [Detonate] leaving [Burning Ground] patches – the raid should be spread 8 yards apart
Fiery Enchantments spawn from the burning ground which need to be DPS’d quickly – if they are within 8 yards of each other they are buffed increasing the damage dealt by Pyroblast the cast

Master of the Arcane
The boss will cast [Arcane Orb] twice which sends out orbs of pulsing AoE damage which can easily be avoided
After 45 seconds [Detonate] pushing the orbs in the air – when they land they deal very high damage which players can simply move out of. Healing cooldowns should be used
Arcane Enchantments spawn from the zones and should be DPS’d quickly – they cast [Armageddon] which will wipe the raid

AA script
Tank facing away from the raid – both tanks share Annihilate

Move to raid markers with brand
Switch branded players at high stacks of Frostbitten
DPS Icy Enchantments quickly

Ranged spread 8yards
Don’t stand in phantom lines
DPS Fiery Enchantments quickly

Avoid Orbs
Move from Orb detonation zone
DPS Arcane Enchantments quickly

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  Nighthold - Trilliax
Posted by: Solitayre - 01-15-2017, 04:08 PM - Forum: Current content raids - Replies (1)


Essentially a 3 phase fight which is heavily reliant on movement and environmental awareness.

Throughout the fight [Arcane Seepage] will appear under random players everytime the boss is damaged - move out of this quickly. This ground effect can only be cleared by [Scrubbers]

Phase One: The Cleaner – 45 seconds
Tank the boss at the edge of the room and kite it around keeping the centre clear – move when [Arcane Seepage] is an issue
Tank swap after 2 stacks of [Arcane Slash]
DPS and Healers should soak [Toxic Slice] – in heroic mode [Stuffed] debuff will minimise how many of the these 1 player can take. The slice will deal damage over time for 20 seconds

Every subsequent Cleaner phase will cause random players to be affected by [Sterilize] – this ability can be used to buff the Scrubbers to speed up the cleaning of the Arcane Seepage
Scrubbers are a beneficial add so they should left alone and only used to prevent [Cleansing Destruction]
Trilliax will cast [Cleansing Rage] if there are any [Toxic Slice] unsoaked – this will cause very high raid wide damage

Phase Two: The Maniac – 40 seconds
Healers will need to use CD’s to counter [Mana Rapture] which deals light raid wide damage
Players linked with [Arcane Bonds] move together till the debuff runs out
Trilliax will to the centre of the room and casts [Annihilation] – this is a channelled ability which results in a beam being cast from both front and back of the boss. He will spin around randomly
The raid needs to move to a safe side and move with the boss to avoid high damage – and movement speed CD’s should be used

Phase Three: The Caretaker – 13 seconds
[Cleansing Destruction] must be soaked – players will be set in advance and must eat the [Succulent Feasts] that only spawn in this phase
Players jump onto the Scrubbers and soak the [Cleansing Destruction]

AA script
Tank at the edges and swap after 2 stacks of Arcane Slash
Move out of Arcane Seepage
Soak Toxic Slice
Move out with Sterilize debuff and speed up the Scrubbers

Use healer CD’s
Move together with Arcane Bonds
Move to the side of the boss when he leaps to the centre and avoid beam

Named players eat Succulent Feasts and soak Cleansing Destruction
Players with immunity abilities can also soak

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  Nighthold - Chronomatic Anomaly
Posted by: Solitayre - 01-15-2017, 02:51 PM - Forum: Current content raids - No Replies

The Chronomatic Anomaly

A single phase encounter which is affected by the boss’s ability to affect the flow of time effectively slowing and speeding up time which in turn will affect cast times, cooldowns and periodic effects. Adds spawn throughout which are also affected by the time distortion and most be killed minimise the effect of [Passage of Time]

[Passage of Time] will cycle trough 3 states – normal, slow & fast time

[Burst of Time] is cast by the boss which will sends arcane orbs which target players and deal damage when the hit the floor – 6 yards circle. Players need to move out from the circle

[Time Bomb] is placed on 2 random players – they deal heavy raid wide damage when they expire. Players need to move out of the raid with the debuff before it expires

[Chronomatic Particles] are applied to the active tank – tanks need to swap at 7-9 stacks. If the reach 10 stacks then the tank will instantly die and it will deal high raid damage due to [Chromatic Overload]

[Waning Time Particles] are adds that spawn and will constantly try and cast [Warp Nightwell] . This ability will cause arcane damage which will increase in damage by 5% every successful cast. This can be interrupted until the add reaches 30%HP. These adds need to be killed fast
When they die they will drop [Temporal Rift} which can be picked up by the tanks – this will give the tanks [Temporal Smash] which must be used to interrupt [Power Overwhelming]

[Time Release] is a healing debuff – it can be healed through to remove – when the timer expires it cause damage based on the amount of absorb remaining

[Temporal Orb] spawn from the Nightwells – avoid them to minimise damage

AA script
Tank swap at 7-9 stacks of Chronomatic Particles
Pick up Temporal Rifts and interrupt Power Overwhelming

Kill Waning Time Particles fast – interrupt their cast
Avoid Temporal Orbs and Burst of Time

Move out of the raid with Time Bomb

Heal players with Time Release

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  Nighthold - Skorpyron
Posted by: Solitayre - 01-10-2017, 03:58 PM - Forum: Current content raids - No Replies

These guides are a starting point taken from the dungeon journal and other sources before they go onto live servers – things will change as we learn how to manage these bosses the Immersion way

Basic 2 phase encounter. This is basically an add fight in P1 and DPS burst in P2.

[Call of the Scorpid] is a periodic cast which summons a host of scorpids.
Volatile Scorpid will buff the adds with [Scorpid Swarm] and explode upon death
Crystalline Scorpids will stack a magic debuff on the tank
Every swarm of adds will increase in power due to [Boon of the Scorpid] and adds will be [Shrouded] until actively engaged or called by the boss

[Arcanoslash] is frequent attack affecting an 18yrd hemisphere in front of the boss. Tanks will get [Arcane Tether] which deals increasing ticking damage but can be broken by moving >10yd apart

[Focused Blast] is a randomly targeted frontal cone attack – high damage with a 6 second stun. It has a short cast timer and can be avoided

[Chitinous Exoskeleton] reduces damage but will decay as the boss takes damage and is fully broken every 25% health loss causing [Exoskeletal Vulnerability] which lasts 15 seconds – all damage is increased by 45%
[Infused Exoskeleton] occurs after each vulnerable stage and increases the boss damage which stacks every regrowth
As the Exoskeleton takes damage [Crystalline Fragments] break off and cause low arcane damage if hit by them. These fragments then become Broken Shard]

[Shockwave] will deal moderate physical damage and knock all players back. If they hit the walls then this will spawn more scorpids who remain [Shrouded]
Standing behind [Broken Shards] mitigated this affect

Phase 1
Tanks pick up boss and face it away from the raid towards the back of the room
Tanks need to pick up scorpids adds that spawn from around the room. These should be DPS’d down fast – add are the priority target as they both buff each other and debuff the tanks
Tanks need to break the Arcane Tether
Everyone should avoid the frontal Arcanoslah and move away from the Focused Blast
Stand behind the Broken Shards when Shockwave is cast
Shrounded red clouds should be avoided at all costs – these will spawn extra adds which increase the difficulty of the encounter

Phase 2
Keep CD’s for these phases to maximise the damage
Ideally we shouldn’t have adds up at these stages

AA Script
Tank facing the back wall
Avoid Arconslash – Tanks break Arcane Tether quickly
Pick up adds and DPS down fast
Move from Focused Blast
Stand behind Broken Shards when Shockwave is cast
Avoid Red Clouds

Save CD’s for Phase 2

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