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Full Version: Nighthold - Skorpyron
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These guides are a starting point taken from the dungeon journal and other sources before they go onto live servers – things will change as we learn how to manage these bosses the Immersion way

Basic 2 phase encounter. This is basically an add fight in P1 and DPS burst in P2.

[Call of the Scorpid] is a periodic cast which summons a host of scorpids.
Volatile Scorpid will buff the adds with [Scorpid Swarm] and explode upon death
Crystalline Scorpids will stack a magic debuff on the tank
Every swarm of adds will increase in power due to [Boon of the Scorpid] and adds will be [Shrouded] until actively engaged or called by the boss

[Arcanoslash] is frequent attack affecting an 18yrd hemisphere in front of the boss. Tanks will get [Arcane Tether] which deals increasing ticking damage but can be broken by moving >10yd apart

[Focused Blast] is a randomly targeted frontal cone attack – high damage with a 6 second stun. It has a short cast timer and can be avoided

[Chitinous Exoskeleton] reduces damage but will decay as the boss takes damage and is fully broken every 25% health loss causing [Exoskeletal Vulnerability] which lasts 15 seconds – all damage is increased by 45%
[Infused Exoskeleton] occurs after each vulnerable stage and increases the boss damage which stacks every regrowth
As the Exoskeleton takes damage [Crystalline Fragments] break off and cause low arcane damage if hit by them. These fragments then become Broken Shard]

[Shockwave] will deal moderate physical damage and knock all players back. If they hit the walls then this will spawn more scorpids who remain [Shrouded]
Standing behind [Broken Shards] mitigated this affect

Phase 1
Tanks pick up boss and face it away from the raid towards the back of the room
Tanks need to pick up scorpids adds that spawn from around the room. These should be DPS’d down fast – add are the priority target as they both buff each other and debuff the tanks
Tanks need to break the Arcane Tether
Everyone should avoid the frontal Arcanoslah and move away from the Focused Blast
Stand behind the Broken Shards when Shockwave is cast
Shrounded red clouds should be avoided at all costs – these will spawn extra adds which increase the difficulty of the encounter

Phase 2
Keep CD’s for these phases to maximise the damage
Ideally we shouldn’t have adds up at these stages

AA Script
Tank facing the back wall
Avoid Arconslash – Tanks break Arcane Tether quickly
Pick up adds and DPS down fast
Move from Focused Blast
Stand behind Broken Shards when Shockwave is cast
Avoid Red Clouds

Save CD’s for Phase 2